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 Bus Rules

Parked School Buses
  1. Students availing bus facility cannot drop out in the mid session.

  2. Bus fees will be charged quarterly along with the tuition fees.

  3. Students availing the school bus facility are expected to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the arrival time of the bus.

  4. Ten months fee is payable irrespective of the class and number of working days in a month.

  5. Students must conduct themselves in an orderly and disciplined manner in the bus on their way to and from the school. No misbehaviour will be tolerated and will call for severe punishment.

  6. Bus monitors will be responsible for ensuring proper behaviour in the bus. School authorities may ask indisciplined students to withdraw bus facility.

  7. Care should be taken to keep the bus clean. A heavy fine may be imposed on students who are found damaging the bus.

  8. Students are supposed to sit on the seats allotted to them.

  9. No eatables are allowed to be carried in the bus. Students are strictly forbidden to eat in the bus on their way to and from the school.

  10. It is the responsibility of the parents to see that children are made to board the bus and escorted back to their return journey in the afternoon from the respective bus-stops by them personally or their representatives.

  11. If parents or guardians fail to pick-up their children from the bus stop on return journey the child will be taken back to the school. They shall be then required to take charge of the child from the school.

  12. If the bus does not reach the bus-stop in time, parents are required to check with the school authorities for any unforeseen holiday declared by the local authorities.

  13. Children who are not availing school bus facility will not be permitted to use the school bus in any condition.

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