From The Principal Desk

Dear Parents,

All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. "Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture of your own". Aim of holistic education is to inculcate this vision into a student. For one who has just stepped into the world and begins to toddle the journey of life, falling, getting up, and again faltering every moment is a startling experience of awe, wonder and endless curiosity. This is perhaps, the most crucial phase of life where the marks we have, every small stretch and impression play a decisive role in moulding a child's personality. The kind of education we impart to a child at Springwood lays the foundation of life. This explains all our concerns and anxieties of providing a good education.

We plan to arm the student community with appropriate skills and opportunities that would create within them the power to introspect and become great achievers in life. We realize that our students possess a unique combination of multiple intelligence and therefore do not hesitate to give them the best opportunity to explore their talents and skills. Moulding their behaviour through activities and verbal instruction we plan to create a difference in our children.

Our teachers play a pivotal role in creating this difference. We wish our children and parents a wonderful year ahead.

With best wishes. Principal